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Product 1

Praise God as you enjoy a hot cup of coffee, tea, chocolate or apple cider in this colorful mug. This item is one of our "Praise Him" collection.

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Product 2

This decorative one of a kind pillow can compliment any sofa, chair, or bed. Made of poplin they are machine washable, remove insert.
Size: 16x16

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Product 3

Explore this collection of mouse pads any one can accent your desktop at home or office.

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I am a author/publisher and my company markets nonfiction Christian books, devotionals which is the first door to our ministry, the second door is Christian retail products this is the bridge to our mission in spreading and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We found in expanding the two we could give our customers more access and provide much more material from our ministry. Much of the items that you will see here are extracted from our books and teachings that you can not just read and study but also have a visual experience to even share with others.


I consider myself a traveler to experience and reach out to people at many events I have grown friendships and the ability to listen to others life testimony's and those in my field of writing. I love sharing and helping others in their journey to the vision they see for themselves. I've had intimate conversations and spoken to groups of people about my journey and the passion to continue to grow and ignite others that all things are possible.

We utilize our tools, books, websites, blogs, social media, e-books, podcast, book trailers, radio, magazines,retail that you can engage with us.
What makes us unique? We are always looking for ways to get closer to our customers.